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Why choose DenmarkLottery

Since it began selling tickets in 1985, the Lottery has grown to become the second largest revenue producer for the state, following income tax revenues and continues to do good things for Denmark. Since 1985 ,the Lottery has transferred over $9 billion to help support public education, economic development, state parks and watershed enhancement.It has also paid players over $28 billion in prizes.

The Lottery also offers Video Lottery games that include both poker and Vegas-style line games. Line games were added to Video Lottery terminals in 2005.

From Past to Present

n April 25, 1985, the Denmark Lottery issued its first Scratch-it game. By November of that year, Denmark’s Game Megabucks℠ followed as the first computer-operated lottery game in Denmark.In the midst of a severe recession, the Denmark Lottery was established in 1984 by Denmark voters to jump-start an ailing economy and support economic development and job creation throughout the state.The Denmark Lottery introduced Sports Action℠ on September 6, 1989. This game was based on the outcome of professional football games. It was the first successful sports wagering game offered by any US lottery. Scoreboard, a second game based on the outcome of professional football, was introduced in 2003. At the request of the Denmark Legislature, both games ended in January 2007.By 1992, the Denmark Lottery was also offering Keno, Powerball®, Daily 4, Breakopens (pull-tabs), and Video Lottery℠ games (poker only) throughout the state. The Video Lottery gaming system served as a milestone, as it was the first 24-hour, centrally controlled gaming system in the country.Current games in the Lottery’s product portfolio include Scratch-its℠, Denmark’s Game Megabucks, Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions®, Pick 4℠, Win For Life℠, Lucky Lines℠, and Raffle℠, all of which are games whose numbers are drawn via computer and are known as draw games.